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In a recent move that has caught the attention of investors, James T. Treace, president of Treace Medical Concepts, Inc. (NASDAQ: TMCI), has sold a majority of its stock in the company. The transaction on November 15, 2022, resulted in the sale of more than $1 million in company stock.

The transaction involved 51,000 shares of Treace Medical Concepts common stock. The prices at which the shares were sold varied, with prices ranging from $20.12 to $24.0167 per share. This shows the fluctuation of the market price during the sale.

The single largest sale included 46,500 shares traded at an average price of $20.12, contributing significantly to the total value of the shares traded. Other transactions included trading of 1,600 shares at an average price of $21.1813, 200 shares at $21.9700, and 1,700 shares at $24.0167. These sales were conducted under a 10b5-1 trading plan that is scheduled, a tool that is often used by company insiders to sell shares at predetermined times and prices, providing guaranteed protection against trading claims for unknown information.

Following this, Treace’s direct investment in Treace Medical Concepts has been reduced to 1,036,441 shares. In addition, there are 556,183 shares held by the director’s wife.

Investors often pay close attention to internal affairs because they can provide insight into management’s views on the company’s evaluation and future prospects. Selling a lot of shares by a director can sometimes raise questions among shareholders, but it is not unusual for executives to sell shares to raise funds.

Treace Medical Concepts, Inc., located in Ponte Vedra, Florida, specializes in the design, manufacture, and marketing of orthopedic medical devices. The company’s focus on innovation has made it well known in the field of surgical and medical equipment.

As the market prepares for these trading announcements, investors and financial analysts will continue to monitor Treace Medical Concepts’ performance and the direction of its leadership in the company.

InvestingPro Insights

In light of recent developments at Treace Medical Concepts, Inc. (NASDAQ:TMCI), investors may seek additional information to determine the company’s financial position and market conditions. InvestingPro’s data and information can provide an in-depth insight into Treace Medical Concepts’ current performance.

InvestingPro Data:

  • Market Cap (Adjusted): $805.89M
  • Price/Book (Twelve Months from Q4 2023): 5.84
  • Revenue Growth (Twelve Months from Q4 2023): 31.92%

InvestingPro Tips:

  • Analysts have also revised their earnings expectations for the coming period, suggesting that there may be more challenges ahead for the company.
  • Although the company’s liquid assets exceed short-term positions, which indicate financial strength, analysts do not expect Treace Medical Concepts to make a profit this year.

These data points and information can help investors to understand how the Director’s investments have performed. The company is trading at a high price/Book value and is facing a decline in earnings, shareholders may want to consider this when evaluating the company’s future prospects.

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