‘Toughness’: Leaders, activists criticize US for sending more weapons to Israel | Israel’s War on Gaza News

The United States has done so bright the transfer of a new $2.5bn arms package, which includes bombs and fighter jets, to Israel, according to US media reports.

Despite showing concern for civilian casualties in Gaza, the White House’s arsenal includes more than 1,800 MK84 2,000-pound (900kg) bombs and 500 MK82 500-pound (225kg) bombs, according to Pentagon and government officials, the Washington Post reported. .

The 2,000-pound bombs, which can destroy more than 1,000 people (300 meters) away, “have been linked to previous incidents of Israeli military action in Gaza”, the US source said.

Many leaders and human rights activists around the world have criticized the US for sending more weapons to Israel, especially as the government of Benjamin Netanyahu promises to launch attacks in Rafah, the last refuge of more than a million Palestinians who fled their homes in Gaza.

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Palestine

In a statement posted on X, the ministry criticized Washington’s actions and said “requiring Netanyahu to stop killing civilians and giving him weapons is an unprecedented moral conflict”.

The ministry also complained about the “persistent failure” of the UN Security Council and the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to ensure that Israel respects their decisions.

Former Palestinian politicians

Hanan Daoud Ashrawi, a Palestinian politician who also served as a spokesman for the Palestinian delegation in the Middle East for peace, said that the actions of US President Joe Biden are surprising.

“The hypocrisy of Biden’s empty words & crocodile tears over the “aid disaster” in Gaza while supplying Israel with lethal and destructive weapons that can instantly bring down buildings & people is astounding!” he said in writing on X.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Jordan

Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi called on countries to stop supplying Israel with weapons.

“The UN organizations are telling the terrible stories of suffering in Gaza. More than 30,000 people were killed. More than 2 million people died of hunger. This shames the world,” he wrote on X.

“Arms must stop going to Israel. Israel must be forced to end this tragedy. This is what international law, what people need,” he added.

former finance minister of Greece

Yanis Varoufakis, Greece’s former finance minister and founder of the Greek party MeRA25, called Biden a war criminal.

“In 2001, [Russian President Vladimir] Putin received a brand of military insurgents in Chechnya. In 2003, Bush-Blair were war criminals like Iraq. In the past six months, Mr. Biden has been involved in Israeli crimes. Today, with the latest weapons, Biden has become a war criminal again,” he said in a post on X.

US Senator Bernie Sanders

Sanders denounced the move as “disgusting”.

“The US cannot ask Netanyahu to stop bombing civilians one day and then send him thousands of 2,000-pound bombs capable of destroying entire blocks,” he said in a post on X.

“We must resolve our disagreement: No more bombs in Israel,” he added.

Palestinian opposition

At a pro-Palestinian demonstration in San Francisco in the US, demonstrators criticized the US government’s actions in providing Israel with weapons as “disgusting and unacceptable”.

Demonstrators blocked the streets on Friday after a US warship docked in the port was suspected of being used to transport weapons to Israel. He also expressed concern that the ship, the USNS Harvey Milk, could be supplying supplies to the Israeli military as it continues to attack Gaza.

“It is disgusting and unacceptable that our government continues to fund and provide for the Israeli army while it is brutalizing the people of Gaza,” said Lara Kiswani of the Arab Resource and Organizing Center.

Voice Voice for Peace Action

The international movement of Jewish people and their allies working to achieve justice and equality for all Palestinians and Israelis declared at X that “tyranny is inevitable”.

“More than 32,000 Palestinians have been brutally killed by Israel, children are starving under siege, the International Court of Justice is looking into genocide clearly, hundreds of thousands of voters protesting at the ballot box.

“And Mr. Biden still sends weapons to Israel,” the group said.


In a post on X, Kenneth Roththe former director of Human Rights Watch, criticized the United States for supplying weapons to Israel.

“Biden is sending Israel 1,800 MK84 2,000-pound bombs. These are the biggest bombs that Israel has used repeatedly, although they are not suitable for living in a place like Gaza because they kill, in fact, and destroy many areas,” he said.

Sarah Leah Whitsondirector of the Middle East-focused rights organization DAWN, called President Biden “two-faced”.

He added that while Mr. Biden has criticized Israel for its atrocities in Gaza, “he is paying them for their dirty war with billions in weapons of mass destruction – including 2,000 pound bombs that even the US and other countries no longer use in the war because of their consequences. dangerous.”


Marc Owen Jonesan assistant professor of Middle East studies at Hamad bin Khalifa University in Qatar, told Al Jazeera that while Washington is pressuring Israel to “retaliate” its war in Gaza, its policy is sending a very different signal.

Unreserved aid to Israel is undermining Biden’s efforts to re-establish the US as a “global hegemon,” he said.

“Biden is violating, or not enforcing, the Leahy Act,” he said, referring to the US law that prohibits the US from supplying weapons to countries that violate their rights.

“How can Biden position himself as any kind of decency when he’s violating laws that are supposed to protect the rights of people like the Palestinians? US policy is essentially business as usual.”

Laura BlumenfeldA Middle East expert at Johns Hopkins University, told Al Jazeera that the weapons sent to Israel “put Biden on a tight leash”.

“It’s all about stability… Despite the fog of war, the administration has been clear about its red lines legally, morally and technically,” the expert said, adding that the decision to send more weapons showed that Israel had not yet crossed the line. Biden’s eyes.

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