These Custom Toys Are More Art Than Action Figure


Human nature tells us that when we see a doll, we want to open. That’s why old toys still in their box are valuable. Everyone who bought them was a child he opened it and played with it, making those still in the pack even more rare. But what if there are toys that go against that instinct? Toys should not be played with. Toys should be shown where the packaging has as many activities as the picture, if not?

That’s it exactly the type of dolls artist Adam Perocchi creates. A New England native, under the name “Reading Objects” Perocchi creates artwork in the form of toys, packages and all. It is a way for him to explore the love of pop culture, as well as art and photography. “I have been drawing/painting since I was a child [and] I started painting about eight years ago,” Perocchi told io9. “I wanted a way to combine my sculptures with my paintings, so I thought that card figures would be a good way to marry the two things.” Which he now does almost every day, working on five pieces or six at a time, taking a photo and creating a package design.

Perocchi covers all kinds of subjects, from pop culture to new hobbies, or sometimes things that are more specific. “Sometimes I do some of the latest pop culture internet zeitgeist thingy (Pop Tart being cooked alive, Star Wars Crystal beer. And to see more, you can go to his Instagram where he exhibits many of his works, or its official websitewhere sometimes they do art without a doll.


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