The Thai parliament has passed a law on same-sex marriage | LGBTQ images

Pending final approval, the bill will set Thailand’s record among the most liberal institutions in Asia on LGBTQ issues.

Thailand is set to become the first country in Southeast Asia to legalize same-sex marriage after politicians voted to legalize same-sex marriage.

Members of parliament voted overwhelmingly in favor of a bill, with 400 in favor of the passage and only 10 against it in the final reading on Wednesday. When the bill goes into effect, Thailand will become the third country in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage.

The law now needs approval from the country’s Parliament, and ultimately the king’s assent, before it becomes law. For more than ten years, the law can take effect within 120 days of the king’s approval.

“I want to invite you all to make history,” said Danuphorn Punnakanta, chairman of the parliamentary committee, before the election. “We did this for all Thai people to reduce the disparity between people and start creating equality.”

The bill will change the terms “male”, “female”, “husband” and “female” in marriage laws to neutral terms. It would also provide The price of LGBTQ the same rights of inheritance and parenting as of same-sex couples.

Although Thailand has a history of being welcoming to the international LGBTQ community, activists have struggled for years against stereotypes and norms.

The Constitutional Court in 2020 ruled that the current marriage law, which recognizes same-sex couples, is valid. But it also advocated for more laws to ensure the rights of minorities.

In December, the parliament approved the first reading of four cases related to same-sex marriage and assigned a committee to consolidate them into a single document.

When the bill was approved, a representative brought a large rainbow flag into the room.

In all of Asia, only Taiwan and Nepal allow same-sex marriage.

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