The ‘Official’ Way to Say Godzilla x Kong Is Driving Me Insane

How do you say Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire? Godzilla “ex” Kong, like “deus ex machina” – Godzilla from the machine? Godzilla/Kong? Godzilla Cross What? Godzilla and Congo? Is there anyone who bothers to say The New Kingdom at all? It is possible that all these questions are meaningless, because the “right” way to pronounce a name is not one of these.

In fact, you don’t have to accept “x” at all. According to Rainthe film’s publicists told the site that Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire actually he says like Godzilla Kong: The New Empire. And boy, do I hate this.

Which is appropriate, when io9 was invited to speak with him director Adam Wingard about the movie recently, our Germain Lussier who called the movie “Godzilla Ex Kong,” and was not directed by Wingard or advertisers. Perhaps Vulture just got a quick tip about the name, the same way kind of like Lego sometimes they force you they should mention LEGO instead. But as a real way of mentioning Godzilla x Kong it is true Godzilla Kongthat is the reader, there is no god(zilla).

On the one hand, I get it. In most media where the letter is mentioned in one way or another (shout out Street Fighter x Tekkenpronounced as “cross”), the word x-as-cross is read as silence, in fact, it is very common in anime and manga. Hunter x Hunter, Gun x Sword, Service x Service, Spy x Family, for example, both use their “x” for decorative purposes rather than pronunciation, and are pronounced as if the letter is not there at all. To be given The New KingdomOriginally from Japanese kaiju media, putting this style would sound like homage! On the other hand, when I say “Godzilla Kong” out loud to myself I want to bang my head against the wall until I can’t say it, or anything else, out loud anymore. It just sounds bad! Of course they already used the word “comparable” in the last film, but if Godzilla and Kong are now in a relationship instead of fighting enemies, there should be a way to show this in the title – why the “x” if they are silent?

In the end, none of this matters. “X,” silent or not, will pop itself into your brain the second you sit down to watch a movie this weekend and the giants start taunting each other. That is, paradoxically, the point – we’re not there yet think of languages, we are here to see giant beasts rise up and/or fight each other and wreak havoc and destruction. But if you find yourself getting ready to go see the new Godzilla and King Kong movie and start wondering out loud: I’m sorry you now have an answer that’s probably worse than no answer at all.

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