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We’re not there yet. The biggest problem with video production is the lack of users who control their output. Creating still images can be hit and miss; making a few seconds of video is very dangerous.

“Right now it’s still fun, you get ha-ha moments,” says Miao. “But making the video you want is a very technical challenge. We’re about to make long, unedited videos from the same time.”

That’s why Vyond’s Lipkowitz thinks the technology isn’t ready for most of the company’s customers. These users want more control over video quality than current devices provide, he says.

Thousands of companies around the world, including nearly 65% ​​of Fortune 500 companies, use Vyond’s platform to create home video content, education, marketing, and more. Vyond uses a variety of production methods, including text and image as well as audio, but offers a simple drag-and-drop interface that allows users to manually combine video, piece by piece, instead of doing it all with clip and click.

Running a manufacturing process is like rolling the dice, says Lipkowitz. “That’s a problem in a lot of video productions, especially in businesses where everything has to be classy and popular,” he says. “If the video goes bad — maybe the characters have too many fingers, or there’s a company logo that’s in the wrong color — unfortunately, that’s how gen AI works.”

The solution to this problem? More, more training, repeat. Miao said: “I wish I could point to some more advanced methods.” “But no, I’m just learning more.”

3. Fake messages are not uncommon, but deepfakes will be worse.

Misinformation online has been undermining our trust in social media, organizations, and each other for years. Some fear that adding a fake video to the mix will destroy any shared monuments we have left.

Pechoucek said: “We are leaving trust and distrust, confusion, fear, and hatred. “Society without truth will perish.”


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