The former president of South Africa’s car has been hit by a drunk driver


Former South African President Jacob Zuma was involved in a car accident but was unhurt.

A drunk driver crashed his “armored vehicle” on Thursday evening, police said.

But a senior member of his Mkhonto We Sizwe (MK) party said that he wanted him.

He has been suspended by the ruling African National Congress (ANC) and is campaigning for MK ahead of the May election.

Mr Zuma was in a car, along with his security team, when it was hit on the road in his home in KwaZulu-Natal at around 18:40 local time (16:40 GMT) on Thursday.

“No one was injured, including members of the Presidential Protection Services. The former president was evacuated and went to his home,” the police summary said.

A 51-year-old man has been arrested for “drink driving and … careless and reckless driving”.

The head of elections for the MK party, Musa Mkhize, has told SABC radio that he thinks the accident was deliberate and not an accident.

“Unfortunately, we have been waiting for it to happen, the President was warned that before the day of the election, he will be hospitalized, because of the members of the Presidential Protection Unit who managed to protect the President,” he said. has been reported by News24.

Zuma, 81, served as president from 2009 to 2018, when he had to step down due to corruption, which he denies. As a former president, he has the right to have a security team.

The accident occurred on the day the country’s electoral commission said Zuma was barred from contesting the May 29 election. He believes his 15-month prison sentence handed down in 2021 for contempt of court does not exempt him.

Some polls have shown that the ANC’s vote could drop by 50% for the first time in 30 years.

MK, which was recently established, may upset some, especially in KwaZulu-Natal where Zuma is very popular.

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