The Blipblox myTRACKS groovebox is a complete music production studio for kids

Back when I was a kid (she wears old glasses) we had a Casio SK-1. We spent all day making burps samples and turning them into silly little songs, but that’s where it went. You couldn’t upload music or anything. Today’s kids, however, are about to get a real groovebox, thanks to Playtime Engineering.

The Blipblox myTRACKS is a full-fledged music production studio, according to Playtime. It features a built-in sampler microphone (like the Casio SK-1) as well as 50 sounds and 25 pads to play. The sound can be adjusted to five channels, similar to most grooveboxes designed for adults, and there are two FX processors and various effects. Sure, it looks like a toy and maybe feels like a toy, but it’s not really a toy. To that end, the promotional video shows an adult going to town on the thing after the kids go to bed.

You can change the sound and add effects via the two bright purple knobs on the side, which work like normal wheels. You will be able to purchase sound packs online and upload them via USB-C. There is also a MIDI port. It’s a groovebox, although not as advanced as something else Teenage Engineering OP-1 Fieldor Roland MC-707.

Downloading sound packs and changing formats can be overwhelming for the little ones in your life, but myTRACKS includes hundreds of built-in songs and drum beats for you to play and enjoy. There’s also a consistent element that the company says “simultaneously creates new, exciting and endlessly inspiring music.” The music annoys you when you’re doing chores, but it’s better than a kid staring at a tablet all day, right?

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Playtime Engineering

Now the bad news. The children’s starter box is a Kickstarter project, at the moment, and shipments end in November. However, this is not the first Playtime Engineering album to feature this type of instrument. The company has released many baby and music products in his Blipblox line. That’s it original Blipblox synth and the latest Blipblox After Dark. We praised all of these tools for being suitable for children, but still fun for adults. The MyTRACKS Kickstarter will be live on April 9 and prices will range from $250 to $300 for backers.

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