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Terrorist violence has undermined the rule of law and brought civil society to the brink of collapse, a report has found.

More than 1,500 people have been killed in terrorist violence in Haiti this year, the United Nations Human Rights Office says.

In Haiti class wars has grown in recent weeks as well-armed adversaries are releasing threats, including attack at the police station and at the international airport. Prime Minister Ariel Henry announced his resignation on March 11.

“All these actions are abhorrent and must stop immediately,” said Volker Turk, the head of the United Nations Human Rights Commission. report describing the “disaster” in the country.

The UN report recorded 4,451 killings last year and 1,554 up to March 22.

Some people have been killed in their homes because they were suspected of helping the police or terrorists. Others have been killed on the road by terrorists or in clashes, the UN report said.

The report also stated that many people have been killed by self-defense groups.

“People accused of minor crimes or suspected of being associated with organized crime continued to be beaten, stoned, mutilated, or burned alive” by such militias.

Militants that have filled in areas left by police have killed 528 suspected terrorists last year and 59 so far this year, the UN Human Rights Office said.

The report also explained how sexual violence is on the rise, including women who are forced to have sex with gangs, raped by people who hold women captive after seeing their husbands killed in front of them.

“Corruption, impunity and poor governance, combined with increasing levels of gang violence have undermined the rule of law and led to the collapse of public institutions,” the report said.

The latest increase in violence it started when the gangs joined forces, launched a coup d’├ętat and demanded Henry’s resignation.

Henry, who has led Haiti since the 2021 assassination of President Jovenel Moise, made the promise more than two weeks ago. to go down after the Transitional Council was established. However, the formation of the council has been difficult due to disagreements among the leaders of the party.

The report also stated that although international military forces were deployed to end the violence, reliable weapons and ammunition were crossing “Haiti’s borders”.

It called for stricter controls in other countries to prevent the sale of arms and ammunition to the Caribbean country.

“It’s amazing that despite the terrible things happening on the ground, the weaponry continues,” Turk said.

The report also called for the immediate deployment of a Multinational Security Support Mission to help the Haitian police end the violence.

Kenya, which agreed to lead the long-awaited UN-sanctioned mission in Haiti, has suspended its plans until a transitional government is established.


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