Tamagotchi Uni finally feels complete after its biggest update yet

Since then Tamagotchi Uni made available worldwide last summer, it sounds like something with an incredible amount of potential.

Remember, I say this as someone who loves this device and has been driving it daily since its launch. But above all the important functions that one can expect at this time from a digital toy, the Wi-Fi-enabled Tamagotchi Uni promised users “Tamaverse” – a playground that will expand Tamagotchi’s experiences more than ever. So far, it hasn’t, really.

Sure, players can send their characters there to “meet” others, go on mini-vacations and buy clothes, but those mini-events don’t add up to much. “Expeditions” were watching short videos, and getting a special food, item or achievement badge. Although mixing was very limited, allowing players to send only one Heart (“like” accepting another player’s Tamagotchi) per day.

Tamaverse has been slow to live up to Bandai’s expectations, despite being Uni’s biggest selling point. This seems to be changing a lot.

With the update released on March 19 – version 1.6.0 – Bandai opened the Tama Portal, an area of ​​the Tamaverse that has been under siege all this time. A few days later, it released the first two DLC packs for Tamagotchi Uni in the form of “Tamaverse Tickets,” which allow users to travel to new locations through a portal. In a bonus, non-Tamaverse move, the update also responds to player requests to store more items by adding “My Box,” where more items can be stored so you don’t have to remove old items to make room for new ones. .

Promotional images for Tamagotchi Uni Tamaverse Tickets to Very Berry Land and LoveMelo Concert


The first two Tamaverse Tickets, as the DLCs are called, are available now. One, that gets you there Very Berry Landis free, while the other, of ChikondiMelo Concert, price $6. Each new area comes with a number of additional characters you can upgrade (including some new to the franchise), mini-themed games and a shop with new food, items, weapons and furniture that you can buy with Gotchi Points. .

This is the kind of depth that a small space seemed to imply. Now it looks like we’re getting a glimpse of what the Tamaverse could be. Hopefully, it’s just the beginning.

No doubt there will be some who don’t want to pay for DLC beyond one freebie, and while I can’t say I blame them for that, it doesn’t bother me for what we’re getting. Buying a ticket allows you to download a code that can be used up to three times. Once the code is registered to the device, you can visit the site as you wish, and switch freely between the different sites you downloaded. This means I was able to use the same numbers to download Very Berry Land and LoveMelo Concert on both of my Tamagotchi Uni devices, and still have one use left for each ticket if I reorder.

As with Tamagotchi Smart’s DLC, physical TamaSma cards, only one Tamaverse ticket can be active at a time, so switching will remove any location-related or food-related items from your inventory, but you won’t need to re-enter the code to return. All areas where a character has been downloaded can be found in a new list called DL Area when you visit the Tama Portal.

12 new Tamagotchi characters have been added to the Tamagotchi Uni and Very Berry Land and LoveMelo Concert DLCs12 new Tamagotchi characters have been added to the Tamagotchi Uni and Very Berry Land and LoveMelo Concert DLCs


It’s not just one or two people who come up with any place, either – you get it six. Some people buy new devices like this (certainly not me… haha…). And Free Berry Land brings back their favorite strawberry, Ichigotchi, which sounds like a win for everyone.

The DLC restores the way to find real characters by feeding your fledgling Tamagotchi certain foods or playing with a certain item three times before they grow up. I was excited to try to find a new character, Tanghulutchi, who comes with Very Berry Land, and feed my son Tama some Fruit Candy snacks in the hope that it will make him appear. It helped! (Now I also want to reality candied fruits of his name, Since then. Thanks Bandai).

When I have enough strength to leave The match on my other device, which is running LoveMelo Concert, I will probably try to find Drumcrubitchi, a new quality that is actually a drum instrument with a face.

The pink Tamagotchi Uni is hand-drawn showing off the new character TanghulutchiThe pink Tamagotchi Uni is hand-drawn showing off the new character Tanghulutchi

Photo by Cheyenne MacDonald / Engadget

All the items you can buy in Tama Portal are much cheaper than the previously mentioned Tama Mall, furniture and accessories are between 200 and 500 Gotchi Points. It’s nice to have new mini-games to refresh your daily activities, since there aren’t many that are built into the device when it’s not used online, and those added to the original Tamaverse site are great.

In Very Berry Land, you can play Cake Factory, where you have to move your character to place the strawberry on top of the cake slices as they come down the conveyor belt. It’s an arcade game that we’ve seen before, but it’s a little more interesting than other similar games because the moves take a second round.

LoveMelo Concert also brings celebrities Guitar-Hero-the kind of rhythm game we saw (twice) in Tama Arena’s Nyanoe Dancebut new Happy Happy Harmony this is another song to try and live with. It’s really hard, and it’s the kind of game that I have to restart until I finish it. Nyanoe Dance it was well received, and I’m sure many fans will be happy that his brand has found a permanent home at Uni in one way or another.

Tamagotchi Uni LoveMelo Concert gameTamagotchi Uni LoveMelo Concert game

Photo by Cheyenne MacDonald / Engadget

One of the best things about the previous Tamagotchi models, like the Tamagotchi On, was the joy of discovering new places. The new Tama Portal site gets the same feeling, and I can only hope that Bandai will continue to go beyond the improvements they teased with the 1.6.0 update.

Announcements indicated that there are three more DL areas on the way, including Tamamori Fashion Show which is expected to fall in late May. This world brings a unique Tamagotchi design – like a pair of anthropomorphic boots called, I hate you, Bootsbrothers – and I can’t wait. Other areas are yet to be revealed.

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