Take-Two is buying Gearbox from Embracer for $460 million


Big changes are happening in the video game industry, as a well-known name changes hands again. Take-Two Interactive (the parent company of Grand Theft Auto publishers Rockstar and others) has it buy Gearbox Entertainment from Embracer Group. The deal is worth $460 million and is expected to close on June 30. That was it that Embracer plans to sell Gearbox.

Take-Two is acquiring three studios: Gearbox Software, Gearbox MontrĂ©al and Gearbox Studio Quebec. It will be fully owned , Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, Homeworld, Risk of Rain, Brothers in Arms and Duke Nukem franchises, along with Gearbox’s “future pipeline.” Gearbox will operate under the 2K umbrella, which already publishes Borderlands and Tiny Tina games. Gearbox founder and CEO Randy Pitchford will remain at the helm.

Embracer is based at Gearbox Publishing San Francisco, which will be republished. This includes the rights to publish the Remnant series, it’s an anonymous game. Embracer will also retain Cryptic Studios (Neverwinter online and Star Trek online), Lost Boys Interactive and Captured Dimensions.

Take-Two says Gearbox has “six exciting projects at various stages of development.” This includes five more, among them Home World 3 is the next Borderlands game.

The hugger for $363 million. If Gearbox were to meet certain targets, the deal would be worth more than $1 billion over six years.

Since buying Gearbox, Embracer has gone through tough times. Last year, that after a $2 billion deal (allegedly from a group backed by Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund) fell through. Since then, Embracer has been and . They 1,387 people in the second half of last year and ban 29 games that were not announced for six months in 2023.

Elsewhere in video games, Sega has sold Relic Entertainment (Warhammer 40,000 and Company of Heroes), then thanks to the support of the private investor. Sega too in Europe, I will add more video games are being dismissed so far this year. Sega Europe, (Total War) and Hardlight Studios (Two Point Hospital) and it is said to have been affected.


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