Steven Moffat Talks Returning to Doctor Who


The Bad Guys will come again next year. The First Sign goes retro on its new TV stand. Check out Roku’s take The history of Spiderwick. Plus, the X-Men go to hell in today’s episode of X-Men ’97and what will happen Alien Woman. To me, my spoilers!

Fear Street: Prom Queen

Bloody-Foul reports India Fowler, Suzanna Son, Fina Strazza, David Iacono, Ella Rubin, Chris Klein, Lili Taylor and Katherine Waterston are set to star in the upcoming Netflix adaptation. Fear Street No. 15: The Prom Queen. Matt Palmer (Caliber) is attached to Direct.

The Bad Guys 2

According to Comic booknext in 2022 The Bad Guys is now in development and is already planning a release date of August 1, 2025.

The First Sign

Elsewhere, a new trailer for The First Sign trying to recreate the feel of a 1970s TV spot.

First Story | 70 year old trailer | In theaters April 5

Doctor Who

Making a recent public appearance at the University of Glasgow’s Screenwriting Society (via Radio Times), Steven Moffatt said Doctor Who basically “it hasn’t changed much” under Disney+.

Basically, they drive the TARDIS and say, ‘There’s something terribly wrong here,’ and fix it for a while, right? Then they blow everything at the last minute. We are talking about a show that started in 1963 and has not changed that more. I think you’re a bit naive to think it’s your job to show people up. I don’t think it really is.

Alien Woman

Spoiler TV contains images from “Here Comes My Baby,” this week’s episode Alien Woman. Click to see the rest.

An image from Steven Moffat Talks Returning to Doctor Who

Picture: Syfy

An image from Steven Moffat Talks Returning to Doctor Who

Picture: Syfy

An image from Steven Moffat Talks Returning to Doctor Who

Picture: Syfy

X-Men ’97

Mr. Sinister drags the gang into Hell in the video for “Fire Made Flesh,” today’s new episode. X-Men ’97.

Marvel Animation’s X-Men ’97 | Official Movie ‘Dante’s Inferno’ | Disney +

My friends are smiling

Seniors Swimming has released a new stopover from Lee Hardcastle to promote the (alleged) return of My friends are smiling this April Fool’s day.

Your Smiling Friends x Lee Hardcastle IDs | swimming adult

The history of Spiderwick

Finally, Roku has released another new trailer of its own The history of Spiderwick Christian Slater’s series.

The History of Spiderwick | Official Trailer | Roku Channel

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