South Wales army to be used to house Afghan refugees

The army will be used to recruit people who worked with the UK government in Afghanistan, but fled after the Taliban seized power.

East Camp in St Athan, Vale of Glamorgan, will house 50 people by the end of March with more arriving in April, the Ministry of Defense said.

The site can accommodate up to 180 people.

Those who arrive are eligible under Afghan Migration and Support Policy (Arabian) program.

This scheme is for those working for or with the UK government in Afghanistan “apparent or implied” roles..

The target of those who can be returned is the Taliban, who regained power in Afghanistan in August 2021, thanks to cooperation with international forces.

“We owe a debt of gratitude to the brave Afghans who risked their lives working alongside our forces to support the UK mission,” the MoD said.

East Camp

East Camp can accommodate up to 180 people [BBC]

Qualified candidates will stay at East Camp for six weeks “before moving to a permanent residence,” the spokesman added.

The MoD said it was working with the Welsh Government and the Vale of Glamorgan council to ensure the project was run “with everyone in mind”, especially local residents.

In 2023, they plan to host Ukrainian refugees in Llantwit Major they made protests from the right wing.

The Welsh Government said the program was the responsibility of the MoD, which it said was “working well” to ensure that those evacuated to Wales from Afghanistan “can successfully reintegrate”.

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