Some VCs Are Reportedly Fed Up with OpenAI’s Sam Altman

There was a time when Sam Altman, CEO of the titanic tech company OpenAI, was the apple of Silicon Valley’s eye. The days when the leader’s reputation was undisputed, however. New report from Insider indicates that some in the tech and financial circles are not happy with Altman’s messianic activities.

The Insider Report, which quotes many anonymous entrepreneurs and startups, happens as Altman is. he is said to have been involved in a $100 billion investment. The money will go toward developing artificial intelligence—or AGI. For those interviewed, many of whom have interacted with or worked with Altman, the combination of high-tech sound technology and personal tradition has become exhausting.

“He likes to do things with kindness, but I would like him to tell me his true intentions,” said a business partner.

“He’s a megalomaniac,” said another. “For the same reason I don’t trust Elon, I don’t trust someone whose ambitions are obvious.” The same VC also said: “He is one of the most dishonest people in technology … I have had many meetings with him where he talks about what I live, which may not be true, but he can be like. get away with it.”

“There’s a fear of not being involved in what they’re doing,” said an angel investor who knows Altman.

However, another source interviewed for the story said that Altman was building “Sam’s platform,” which seemed to imply that the OpenAI chief was more interested in his own reputation than helping the public, as he previously claimed.

However, if all of these VCs were comfortable talking bad to a reporter about Altman, they were too afraid of him — or his influence in the industry — to write their own comments. Almost all of the people interviewed for the Insider session were anonymous.

One person he wrote about was Ali Ghodsi, the CEO of Databricks, who appears to be an OpenAI partner. Ghodsi said he thinks Altman sold the technology his company was built around. “If your worldview is that you have AGI and it’s superhuman, and this is like gods, we made a god, then maybe you have to turn the whole world upside down. I don’t think that’s what’s happening,” Ghodsi said.

Gizmodo has reached out to OpenAI for comment and will update this article if it responds.

Inside notice that there may be an element of “sour grapes” here, because Altman is one of the most powerful directors in the world. Of course, this isn’t the first time someone has spoken badly about Altman. In the weeks after OpenAI “eliminate” confusion last year, allegations circulated that Altman was a “manipulator,” a liar, and usually a bad boss. Earlier this month, a New York Times article circular A similar claim, most of which came from Mira Murati, one of the administrators at OpenAI.

It is fair to say that there is nothing special about any of these. After all, the world has millions of jerks who are exactly the same as what Altman described. That said, not every idiot has the chance to run a super-powerful company that wants to reshape our world through technological disruption. It would be worth paying attention to this type.

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