Scientists Managed to Make Broadband Speeds 4.5 Million Times Faster


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There is nothing more frustrating than a bad internet connection, but researchers from Aston University may have solved the problem once and for all. A new method allowed scientists in the UK to send data 4.5 million times faster than average broadband, setting a new world record.

In collaboration with the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology in Japan and Nokia Bell Labs in the United States, Aston researchers were able to transfer data at a rate of 301,000,000 megabits per second using optical fiber. This compares with UK broadband performance of 69.4 megabits per second. In the United States, the average download is faster, about 242.4 Mbpsbut the success is still a million times faster.

This breakthrough was achieved by using new wavelength bands that are not used in traditional fiber optic systems. The new wavelength groups are equivalent to “the different types of light that are sent under the light beam.”

“In short, the data was sent via optical fiber as a home or office internet connection,” said Aston researcher Ian Phillips in a press release. “However, besides the C and L bands that are sold, we used two additional bands called E-band and S-band. Such bands are usually not necessary because the C- and L bands can provide the energy needed to meet the needs of consumers. “

Aston University has developed an optical amplifier that allows data waves to operate in the E-band, which researchers say is three times higher than the traditional waves used to transmit data. Prior to this, no one had been able to simulate E-band motion in a controlled manner.

The solution is amazing because it doesn’t require new hardware to dramatically improve internet speed, and it can allow faster internet speeds through existing cables.

This achievement could be a change in internet speed for the user group. If widely used, this new and faster Internet could help millions of Americans who do not have reliable Internet access. For many Internet users, it can make downloading videos and large files almost instantaneous. For senior business and technology researchers, it can accelerate the speed of development several times over.


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