Samsung Galaxy S24 phones are on sale for record-low prices at Amazon


Samsung makes some of them best android phones you can get it right now and the latest models are down to the lowest prices. If you have been expecting good at a high price Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, you’re in luck – a smartphone with 256GB of storage is $150 off up to $1,150. The Galaxy S24+ it’s also on sale for $850 right now.

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The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has dropped to its lowest ever price of $1,150.

$1,150 at Amazon

We gave away the Galaxy S24 Ultra number 89 in our review. We found it to be very expensive (this discount helps to reduce that!) and the design and lack of Qi 2 support was a problem. However, we appreciated the camera upgrade and found that the S24 Ultra performed very well and offered excellent battery life. It often had a charge of 50 percent after 24 hours of regular use, thanks to the large battery and the power gain that the new processor provides.

Another great feature of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset is its AI (GAI) design, the main selling point of the Galaxy lineup this year as Samsung tries to compete with Google’s Pixel devices in the front. Translators can translate languages ​​during calls, while the Chat Assist tool can check the grammar, spelling and tone of your messages before sending them. There are also AI-powered ways to edit photos and search. While the AI ​​tools work more or less as we expected, we found that they are not as polished as Google’s versions. However, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is our pick for the best Android phone.

The Galaxy S24+ also has a $150 discount right now. This also marks a drop in the model with 256GB of storage – the handset currently costs $850. Like its younger brother, the S24, the S24+ got it number 87 in our review. We appreciated the battery life and (mostly) the GAI hardware, although we felt that the low-resolution photography was lacking. Those who like foldables may be very interested Galaxy Z Flip 5. Again, that’s $150 off $850 for 256GB of storage. However, it’s $50 more than the lowest price we’ve seen for this title so far.

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