Salesforce CEO roasts Oral-B toothbrush for AI features

Not unlike the thousands of restaurants that market themselves as having “the best cup of coffee”, the AI ​​characters are being phoned a bit. And there is no one else Salesforce CEO, Marc Benioff has something to say about this.

This week, Benioff jokingly posted a picture of an Oral-B electric toothbrush that was rumored to come with “AI technology”. “He tweeted in response, “how do we know we’ve reached the top of the AI ​​hype cycle?” It seems like the promises of AI features have become a marketing gimmick to the point where we have confused the meaning of what AI actually is.

Walmart they advertise a toothbrush similar to Benioff’s for about $135. It has features like six settings, smartphone connectivity, and a “customizable SmartRing with Pressure Control” that tells users when they’re washing too hard. A software company IBM stands for AI as “technology that enables computers and machines to imitate human intelligence and solve problems.” The case could be made that it’s just a high-end toothbrush instead of an AI, but that depends on how the consumer will take it.

Of course, companies tend to get carried away when they drive development time and high public interest. Last year, AI output was passed time to changebeing a difficult topic and something like investors many billions in the same equipment. Theories have been circulating about AI change employees, addition their work, raising the world in scientific affairs or to disappear such as the Metaverse. Almost a year later, and we’re on the verge of AI oversaturation as these tools become more and more common.

But even with the hype and branding, we’re still in the early stages of innovation. “It’s the excitement and the inevitability of this straightforward story that scares me,” Rana Foroohar of. and Financial Times refers to the idea that AI is set to change everything. “Even if you believe that AI will be the same as electricity or the Internet today, we are at the beginning of a major change that has not happened in ten years. cooperation.”

As the creator of Salesforce, Benioff himself has been part of the AI ​​train, calling this development “not the most important technology in our lives, but perhaps the most important in any life,” in a 2023 interview with and the Associated Press. Beninoff said same year Advances in AI will be “the biggest that anyone has ever seen.”

Since then he has been a bit bitter about the industry, he continues little by little on a sales call last winter. Complaining about AI stealing data and being wrong, he said that “these models don’t know anything about the company’s customer relations, and sometimes they just make it up.” His comments caused Salesforce stock to bounce back after the call. Apparently, people are ready to make a small comeback on AI after the popularity of the season. Until then, get ready to brush your teeth with a smart toothbrush.

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