Russell T. Davies on Why Doctor Who’s Disney Partnership Is So Important


If you watched Doctor Who 60th anniversary specials, The most recent Christmasor just trailer for Ncuti Gatwa’s first season as the Fifteenth Doctor-you’ve noticed that a popular budget show is a great product. It’s a huge hit on BBC staple’s new partnership with Disneyand past and present showrunner Russell T. Davies appreciates that.

Speaking on He likes to watch podcast and hosts Sara Barron and Geoff Lloyd (via Coming soon), Davies talked a lot about what Disney’s presence has done for the show, both in terms of budget and helping to expand audience reach. He said: “I think we’re living in the age of science fiction. “We live in a world of streaming, and we live in a world where every 11-year-old is watching Strange Things because there are 11-year-old children there, and that is their language, that is their culture, that is their expression, that is theirs. memes. I think it’s a real shame Doctor Who so that we don’t have a big hitter. “

He continued. “I’ve been sitting here watching The Mandalorian, marvel characters, Strange Things. I thought, ‘I see, what should be Doctor Who!’ So even before [the show] approached me, I had already said in various interviews, ‘I think Doctor Who it must be a co-production.’ There is no way the BBC can support this. You should also take a long, long look at the BBC, which in one way or another is undoubtedly on its way in some shape or form. What is it Doctor Who die then? You have to prepare things of that kind. But all this is like flimflam above the fact that I am love that. And it’s the only opportunity you have in television to write in pictures, to make pictures. It’s all pictures. It’s the sky, it’s explosions, it’s armies, it’s people alone in a big place… it’s a rope ladder to heaven on Christmas Day. I like that.”

He also said that the Disney partnership is an important part of bringing the pictures to life, especially “pictures that are related to other people’s pictures now. I think that’s the important thing. If something falls, it’s just, ‘Tomorrow, we have to go back to production. Doctor Who on a good BBC budget’-you know what? We would all get together to create… and suddenly the stories became claustrophobic magic stories. Most people would like that very much. I’m not talking about you to be for this to happen, but when It’s happening like this, I think it’s not fair that it doesn’t happen Doctor Who. And it opens up the story in the moment, sometimes to a great extent. “

Doctor Who returns May 10 at 7pm on Disney + worldwide, unless you’re in the UK—where you can catch it on May 11 at 12 am GMT on BBC iPlayer and BBC One.

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