Ruby Franke’s Husband Kevin Explains His Involvement in a Religious “Cult”.

To help Jodi in her darkest hour, Kevin said that he and Ruby called a bishop, who went to the counselor’s house every night for a few hours to fight “evil spirits” and “cast out demons.” However, when she saw that there was nothing going on, Jodi came to live with the family.

“[Jodi and Ruby] they started sleeping in the same bed,” Kevin shared, “then [Ruby] began to be, like, visions and other things. I would say that it was probably around September when he believed that he was going to heaven to see God and Jesus and to talk to them.”

He added that sometimes he also “locks himself in a room for four or five hours,” and when he comes out, Ruby tells him that he “has this amazing vision and ‘I wrote it all down.’ And, ‘We have a work from God to do.'”

In the end, Kevin decided he “wanted to move on with his life,” and he and Ruby had a “breakup at home” before he came back. filed for divorce in Decemberand his lawyer says that the two have been separated for a year before they were arrested.

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