RFK Jr. He’s Assembled His Anti-Vax Crime Squad


AM: The RFK Jr. campaign. as you wrote, has been very aware of the type of attraction to the internet site. One of the ways you do that is to create well-produced, short videos that look great on social media. So I was not surprised.

But I was surprised that the announcement event was so long. I was surprised that there was little interest in what interests an online audience. I would have expected to see something that is more produced, that is more media savvy, and that also focuses on burning RFK’s reputation. Because in the end, in a long standing like this, which may or may not be honest in the White House, the candidates want to destroy their reputation in the countries they come from, and expand their market or their audience. and familiarity with previously unknown consumers. For example, Marianne Williamson was very successful with this.

MK: Another reason I can think of why it was so long is because they knew how many eyes would be on it, and that it was probably one of their last big announcements and an attempt to convince people to vote for them.

AM: The last big announcement. It’s a great opportunity to end up raising money, really. And they need money enter the vote. You’re trying to impress everyone, and you’re trying to make the most of what may be your last minute.

The Chatroom

Occam’s razor doesn’t really exist on the internet. Or they are conspiracy theorists. This could not have been seen better after a freight train tragically overturned on the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore this week, killing six people. Instead of assuming that the crash was caused by the failure of a freight train, cybercriminals have blamed everyone from Nickelodeon to the CIA to the DEI, as my friend David Gilbert said.

We still don’t know much about how and why Tuesday morning’s crash happened, but if one thinks about it – it’s unlikely that waking up is the cause.

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