RFK Jr. Announced VP Pick Is Tech Entrepreneur Nicole Shanahan


“Kennedy’s promise to end corporate capture could help end the chronic disease epidemic,” Ryerson said.

Bhattacharya declared that he was “delighted” that Kennedy had “given his voice” for free speech. Bhattacharya is one of the authors of the “Great Barrington Declaration,” an open letter that calls for no Covid lockdowns but instead “sustainable protection” for the elderly and the immunocompromised; these thoughts not widely distributed and the scientific community.

Chris Clem spoke about his shared desire with Kennedy to secure the border.

Then, Calley Means said that “the media” and many politicians are supported by the pharmaceutical industry. “Less SSRIs,” said one spokesperson. “Lots of sunshine and healthy food.”

“We need a president who is skeptical of science,” he added.

Finally, after several other speeches, videos, and performances — including Woody Guthrie’s sad “This Land Is Your Land” by singer Tim Hockenberry and the flowery “America the Beautiful” by singer Mika Hale — Kennedy’s wife, actress Cheryl Hines. , took the stage to introduce her husband.

Hines has been in a difficult position for years regarding her husband’s anti-vaccination issues, which she also had. finally he was forced to respond and he was upset when Kennedy, in an anti-Covid rally, said that what the vaccine had done was worse than the Holocaust.

While on stage, Hines admired his political colleague, telling the crowd that Kennedy would bring the country together. “America is listening,” he said, adding that the country was “blessed.”

In his announcement of Shanahan, as he has done throughout his campaign, Kennedy also leaned heavily on his family’s legacy, recounting how his father, Robert Kennedy, had a “difficult” meeting with NAACP and Black Panther leaders in Oakland, which led to their political support and the Black Panthers providing protection for his father’s campaign. (Robert Kennedy was assassinated in 1968, during his presidential bid, by gunman Sirhan Sirhan.)

In the past few weeks, the Kennedy campaign has poked fun at several other VP picks, most notably NFL player Aaron Rodgers and former Minnesota governor turned reporter Jesse Ventura. These options it appeared to be designed to attract young voters and, like Kennedy, they are people who have encouraged and spread conspiracy theories. But on March 16, Mediaite report that Shanahan was Kennedy’s nominee, citing sources close to the campaign. The source also told the outlet that Shanahan could help Kennedy get more votes in the state, but added, “He’s not qualified to do the job.”

In recent months, the DNC has also raised Kennedy’s back as a distraction and an opportunity for Trump. Speaking to the media, according to CNNa DNC adviser called RFK a “leaning horse” who is being “supported” by Trump and his supporters.

“Our campaign is devastating,” Kennedy said Tuesday, cheering. “I agree with that. He is a destroyer of President Biden and President Trump. It’s a disarmament” and other targets including “Big Ag and Big Pharma.” Millions of people, he said, could choose not to vote instead of electing “two tired uniparty presidents”.

“Nicole and I,” he added, “will give those millionaires another choice.”

This is a growing issue. Please check for updates.


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