RCS Coming to iPhone This Fall, Leaked Google Promo Image Claims


Picture: Florence Ion/Gizmodo

Rich Communication Services (RCS) is a critical feature of Android phones more than a billion users. These numbers may rise in the fall, as Google says Apple will join the RCS party.

The page of Google messages mentions the advantages of RCS, and it just so happens that there is a slide that says that the feature will come to the iPhone, as seen for the first time 9 to 5 Google Thursday.

“Apple has announced that it will adopt RCS by the end of 2024,” the now-removed slide said.

Google and Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the deleted slide.

Apple has already started work establishing RCS compatibility and its upcoming iPhone last year, but this is the first time this important moment has been mentioned. The timing seems right as Apple releases regularly The new iPhone to fall. This could be one of the many new iOS 18 announcements happening in June on Apple’s WWDC.

As for what this means for Android and iPhone users, it could be the end of the green drama and blue bubble. Now this does not mean that different types of bubbles will go away or that Android phones now have access to iMessage. Android users will still have a green bubble when texting someone with an iPhone. However, things like emoji functionality, message receipts, and high quality photos and videos can be found between the two devices.

The documents were one of the points the Justice Department focused on when it decided to indict Apple creating a monopoly on the iPhone. In the suit, CEO Tim Cook had a man who said it was difficult for him to send his photos as he was on an Android phone. Cook then told the man, “Buy your mother an iPhone.”


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