Poland sacks Eurocorps reaction chief who faces antitrust investigation

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Poland has fired the Polish head of Europe’s largest military unit, Eurocorps, amid the latest military probe into him, officials said Wednesday.

The statement of the Ministry of Defense in Poland says that new information about Lt. Gen. Jarosław R. Gromadziński and an investigation into his security clearance has been launched.

Gromadziński was ordered to return immediately from Eurocorps headquarters in Strasbourg, France, and a replacement will be appointed immediately, the ministry said. No further details were provided, and Gromadziński was unavailable for comment.

Germany and France established these organizations in 1992 to support various missions of the European Union and NATO. Its six countries also include Belgium, Spain, Luxembourg and Poland, while Austria, Greece, Italy, Romania and Turkey are affiliated countries.

Eurocorps has been involved in stability and security operations in the Balkans and Afghanistan, as well as training courses in Africa,

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