Pets won’t count as a carry on for American Airlines flyers traveling with furry friends


American Airlines is relaxing part of its pet rules to allow owners to bring a companion with a full carry-on bag inside the home.

Until this week, people who brought a pet into the house – which involved paying $ 150 – could have a small item that fits under the seat.

Anything large, such as a carrier bag with wheels, must be checked – at a cost of $ 35. Or they can put the pet in the warehouse.

American now allows passengers to bring a pet in the cabin and bring a carry-on bag or a personal item – not both bags.

The old rules struck some pet owners as unfair, as they were already paying fines.

Gary Leff, the travel blogger who first wrote about the change, recalled traveling years ago with a Yorkshire terrier.

“It was always frustrating that the dog counted that I was going with them even though I was paying extra money (for the animals) which was sometimes more than my ticket,” he said on Friday.

Leff said he thinks American’s change will reduce the interest of travelers falsely claiming their pet is a service animal that flies free.

An American spokesman confirmed that the changes to the rules came into force on Thursday.

“We made the change to provide an easier and more convenient experience for customers whose pets fly to America,” he said.

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