Penn Badgley’s Strange Realization of Being a Father and Stepfather is pure XOXO

It’s hard to believe it’s been ten years since Duff’s first appearance GG. In her six-episode run, she appeared as Hollywood star Olivia Burke, who started dating Dan while at NYU and went on three dates with the not-so-Lonely Guy and his BFF Vanessa.

Since then, Duff has starred in her own TV series, Younger and soon, How I Met Your Father. She was almost back in Lizzie McGuire’s platform shoes for the revival of Disney +but it didn’t work out because of different creative visions.

In 2019, the “So Yesterday” singer married a singer Matthew Butand they share daughters Banks and Motherwho two were received in March 2021. She is also a mother to a child Luke from his relationship with Mike Comrie.

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