NYC Is Adding AI Metal Detectors to the Subway


Picture: NYC Mayor’s Office

NYC Mayor Eric Adams has a new design plan safe subways: metal detectors. But these are not metal detectors because these detectors come with AI. As for how well they work, it doesn’t look good.

“This is a Sputnik moment,” Adams said at a press conference Thursday. “When President Kennedy said ‘we’re going to put a man on the Moon’ and everybody responded.”

After several talks from various city officials about the metal detectors, a quick demonstration of their operation showed that yes, the detectors can detect when a gun was on someone and ignore metal objects such as phones and other lights when people passed by. transportation. However, there is a 3-second delay before it starts beeping and playing a message asking the person to move to the right. Officers will be on this alert watching the iPad to track down who set off the alarm.

NYPD Commissioner Caban Makes Public Safety Announcement

As for how the AI ​​works, this wasn’t made clear in the demo. Evolv, which makes metal detectors, says his page that AI creates the structure of what an object is based on its shape and metal. This allows detectors to quickly identify whether a metal object is a cell phone or a gun. Who knows what happens when someone has a gun on them designed like an iPhone?

The new AI metal detectors are not yet visible in the subway stations. There is a 90-day waiting period before the new technology can be rolled out while the NYPD decides on the best way to monitor traffic lights across the subway system.

NYC has conducted several tests over the past few years for new programs that are said to be designed to make the city safer. This includes cameras on train cars, Scan apps to find out which ones are evading the rail fareand robot dogs. According to statistics, crime is downhowever, high-profile crime scenes fill the newspapers, as we saw this week when the mother went TikTok to talk about being attacked by random people he is outside the city.


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