Next Heat Pump? NYC Apartment Windows


“There is a huge difference in the heat our system produces when the user requests a comfortable temperature versus a radiator that wastes tons of heat in a room,” says Vince Romanin, CEO of Gradient. “If they can put that heat on every room, noto build because, you’re only heating and cooling the rooms you need—with 20 percent less energy.”

The New York City Housing Authority says residents are happy with the units, especially the ability to control the temperature. In hot weather, the heat pump reverses to function as an air conditioner. So people who have never had AC suddenly have a clean, efficient device that heats and cools. “Heat pumps allow NYCHA to move away from natural gas heating systems and are two to seven times more energy efficient than these systems,” says Shaan Mavani, director of finance and capital management of the Housing Authority.

With these heat pumps, New York is turning the tide of new energy technology, which is often too expensive for the average person to afford. Economist Gernot Wagner of Columbia Business School says: “It’s a really cheap, really simple plug-and-play technology that works in a 100-year-old brick building. “That’s it rich who are supposed to be the first to adopt the new, sexiest, most advanced weather technology. “

Gradient is temperature throughout the season, which is supposed to work in very cold environments, is expected to be sold for $3,800 later this year. This can be changed by a size number of state and federal deductions and tax credits that encourage decarbonization. It’s a super hot water heater running through a luxury home, you’re looking at the cost of upgrading your electrical system to save extra energy, while the small windows just fit into the wall. Installing a heat pump isn’t much different from a regular AC installation, in most cases take about a day, but an expert will need special training to do it. (In general, the US is they are in dire need of skilled workers available to install enough heat pumps and other green technology to reduce carbon quickly.) In contrast, you can install a window heat pump in less than an hour, Gradient says.

One of the obstacles for urban residents is the possibility of changes in operating costs: If the owner of the house was paying for the steam heating system, and the tenant is now running an electric pump on their own electricity, their bills may increase. About 90 percent of New York City Housing Authority residents live in “excellent-rated” homes, meaning they don’t pay an electric bill. For the remaining 10 percent, NYCHA can bring in subsidies to ensure that heat pump replacements do not increase costs. At the same time, as people make these changes, the agency will save money associated with maintaining existing power plants. “Heat pumps eliminate the need for this investment,” says Mavani.

NYCHA’s initiative is a plan that other cities can copy by converting their multi-family buildings to heat pumps. “That said, every city has different types of infrastructure, local characteristics, heating and cooling needs, and infrastructure and utilities,” says Mavani. “Hopefully, based on what happened in New York, multi-family homeowners – whether public or private – will have better information to help make their decisions.”

Heat pumps are cheaper from now on. Unlike fixed oil heating systems, heat pumps are a progressive technology that thrives on extracting heat from the outside air and moving it inside. “Heat pumps are a classic example of a technology that over time will get better and cheaper,” says Wagner. “We know where we have to go. We have to put electricity in the house; we must stop heating gas and oil in particular. This is the way to do it. “


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