New Security Footage Shows Texas Man Successfully Sneaking Onto Plane

A snapshot: ABC news

When news broke that a Texas man had boarded a plane illegally last week in Salt Lake City using nothing but a picture of someone’s ticket, many wondered how he actually did it. And new plane surveillance photos obtained by ABC News are giving us a clue.

Wicliff Yves Fleurizard, 26, of Texas, was arrested on March 17 and charged with hijacking a Delta Air Lines flight departing from Salt Lake City. It seems that Fleurizard did a strange thing when he got on the plane and sat in the bathroom, before the pilot agreed that he should not have been on the flight. When the pilot asked what seat he was in, someone was already sitting in it, raising the red flag and leading the plane back to the gate.

But how did he get on the plane? As a new video published by ABC news shows, they scan tickets for unsuspecting people, and give them access to QR codes that can be used to board the plane. Fleurizard took a series of photos of a series of trips with several people, finally using one of the photos to scan a QR code from his phone to find a flight, as you can see in the photos below.

Image titled New Security Footage Shows Texas Man Successfully Sneak a Plane

A snapshot: ABC news

The footage published by ABC News only shows Fleurizard recording a paper ticket for one person, but prosecutors say he also recorded other people’s phones. One of the passengers was a “young woman,” according to the lawsuit, and it was her boarding pass that caused the problem when she tried to board and the system said she boarded. he has already boarded.

Fleurizard says he apologized for the mistake and just wanted to get home as quickly as possible after failing to find another flight. But now he is accused of being a thief.

An airplane stowaway takes a photo of another passenger’s passport, and sneaks in

One question remains: What did Fleurizard use to get past TSA security? According to New York Times, Fleurizard was able to get through the TSA line without a problem, but travelers often have to provide ID and their boarding pass. Although the Texas man reportedly had a valid Florida ID, it’s still unclear how he could get through security without a boarding pass — unless he’s also been involved in a fraudulent ID scan in the past.

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