Netflix’s ‘3rd Body Problem’ Makes Unprecedented Changes


Scientists keep killing themselves, and no one knows why. That is the central secret of the origin of 3 Body Problemthe new one Netflix list based a trilogy of sci-fi novels Chinese author Cixin Liu. But soon something much bigger emerges: There are secret VR games, glimpses into revolutionary China, billionaires, and strange religions.

But really, it’s all physics. Liu’s books are beloved in China and have a small but equally devoted following among English-language readers, but they are science fiction—heavy on emotion, light on character. Several times in the series, one can run the board to explain the point, and there are events in the books that seem impossible to draw: various weapons falling on themselves, computers made of millions of soldiers, nano-wires cutting metal, diamonds, the body.

For the presenters David Benioff, DB Weissand Alexander Woo, editing The Three-Body Problem because the cloth had a special problem. Woo was a writer on HBO’s True Bloodbut Benioff and Weiss are more famous Game of Thrones. Change of George RR Martin‘s fantasy saga A Song of Ice and Fire, Thrones it became a once-in-a-decade phenomenon, but he didn’t get stuck on the landing-In some corners of the internet the names of Benioff and Weiss are on par with Joffrey Baratheon.

(L to R) 3 Body Problem executive producers and writers DB Weiss, Alexander Woo, and David Benioff.Courtesy of Austin Hargrave/Netflix

So there may be a scare for those who want to watch their new show. But 3 Body Problem they have all the ingredients that made up those early seasons Game of Thrones more compelling: jaw-dropping set pieces, a web of human conflict, and an existential threat slowly marching towards the gates.

WIRED spoke with Benioff, Weiss, and Woo about the challenge of adapting a series that was once thought to be impossible to adapt.

Amit Katwala: You have mentioned how you read books at the same time and I thought this is something you want to use. What really attracted you The Three-Body Problem as a transitional object?

David Benioff: We can have three different answers. For me, there were many scenes in the books that I read and thought, “I really want to see this.” Throughout the trilogy there are many events that are fun to read, but as a TV writer and TV producer that is very scary, because you think, how are we going to show so many dimensions on the screen? How will this work? I cannot foresee some of the things described in this book. The only other time I met was George Martin A Song of Ice and Fire.

DB Weiss: Something that you give so much of your life to, should bother you. It should be something that when you put it down and walk away it just lurks in the back of your mind. I read these books and I thought about them when I went for a walk, I thought about them when I took my children to school. I couldn’t stop thinking about them.


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