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Most Americans disapprove of Israel’s actions in Gaza, a new poll shows, as the Israeli army continues to pound the besieged Palestinian city and build a camp that has led to a wall. the problem of hunger.

The Gallup poll which was released on Wednesday found that 55 percent of respondents disapproved of the Israeli army’s actions in the Gaza Strip, up from 45 percent who said they disapproved in November, a month after Israel began its operation.

Among Democratic Party voters, the number was even higher, with 75 percent of respondents expressing a negative view of Israel’s actions, while 60 percent of independents also said they disapproved.

“The Gallup poll shows a disconnect between the policies of the Biden administration and the views of many Americans, especially Democrats, on Israel’s actions in Gaza,” said Raed Jarrar, head of advocacy at Democracy for the Arab World Now. in Washington, DC.

“This difference shows the need for the administration to adjust its foreign policy and expectations,” Jarrar told Al Jazeera in an email.

“Such serious disagreements should be another reason for the administration to stop supporting the Israeli genocide.”

The findings of the investigation, which was conducted earlier this month, come as Israel is increasing its shelling of parts of the Gaza Strip even. growing global demand to put an end to the war.

US President Joe Biden, a Democrat, has also faced protests and public anger on his behalf strong support for Israel and refusing to freeze foreign aid to the Israeli government until it complies with international human rights law.

Earlier this week, the Biden administration rejected a United Nations Security Council resolution on the ceasefire instead of using a veto, which made it possible. said the experts expressed frustrations with Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

But Washington continues to provide weapons and humanitarian aid to Israel, and US officials have downplayed the importance of the UN Security Council measure.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza he said on Wednesday that Israeli attacks during the past 24 hours killed at least 76 Palestinians, raising the total of at least 32,490 Palestinians killed since Israel began fighting after the Hamas attack on October 7 that left 1,139 Israelis dead.

Israel continues to withhold humanitarian aid to the enclave, which is facing shortages of food, clean water and other supplies.

FOR A PROFESSIONAL warned this week that there are “reasonable grounds” to believe that Israel is killing people in Gaza. The Israeli government denied the allegations.

Based on this, Biden’s approval rating for managing the situation in the Middle East is at 27 percent, according to another Gallup poll it was released last week.

Among Democrats, approval was 47 percent, compared to 16 percent and 21 percent among Republicans and independents, respectively.

“Democrats’ strong opposition to Israel’s actions underscores President Joe Biden’s difficulties among his loyal supporters,” Gallup said Wednesday.

“Some Democratic critics believe that Biden has sided with Israel too much by not taking strong action to promote a ceasefire and help Palestinian civilians caught in the war.”

Biden met with a the size of the protest on his Gaza policies as he seeks re-election in November against his predecessor and Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump.

Groups have urged Democratic voters to vote “noncommittal” in several state primaries so far this year, including in the US state of Michigan.

Earlier this month, organizers of a campaign called Listen in Michigan announced plans take over their national administration.

“Today, we set up our movement to inform you all that non-committal voters are not going anywhere, and we will not back down until we end the fighting forever,” Layla Elabed, an activist, told reporters.


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