More YouTube creators are now making money from Shorts, the company’s TikTok competitor


TikTok’s YouTube competitor, Shorts, is becoming an increasingly important part of the revenue-generating industry. The company announced that A quarter of channels in its Partner Program are now earning money from short videos.

The event comes after a year since YouTube advertising money that manufacturers make Shorts. YouTube says it currently has more than 3 million creators worldwide in its Partner Program, which would mean that the number of shorts creators making money on the platform is somewhere in the hundreds of thousands.

Because ads on Shorts appear between videos in the feed, the revenue sharing for Shorts is than the longest content on YouTube. Advertising revenue is pooled and distributed among eligible producers based on factors such as views and music licensing. The company says the plan is more beneficial to people than culture .

As of now, it is unclear how much developers are making from Shorts compared to other monetization programs on the platform. YouTube declined to share details but said the company paid $70 billion to creators over the past three years.

The Shorts trend is likely to grow exponentially in the coming months. TikTok, which is trying to directly compete with YouTube in promotion it is experiencing the most useless opportunities that its program can in the United States. Although the results are not guaranteed, YouTube would have attracted users and former creators of TikTok.


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