MLB’s Home Run Derby VR launches on the Meta Quest Store

If you’re part of the crosshairs of a true fan and a big-time baseball fan, there’s good news for you. MLB has launched Home Run Derby VR on the Meta Quest Store, making it available on Quest 2, Question 3 and Quest Pro users. The game was previously on Meta’s App Lab.

MLB Home Run Derby VR gives players the chance to explore 30 different ballparks and play up to 100 different levels. “This updated game offers a more immersive viewing experience than ever before and using advanced controls and a realistic hitting system, users can step into the batter’s box to emulate their favorite players from anywhere in the world,” MLB shared in its announcement. .

The game also offers multiplayer games for four people or games for up to eight people. Users can select winners by goals, fastest outs or fastest home runs. Additionally, achievements can unlock bat skins, fighting gloves and more for their Meta avatars. MLB Home Run Derby VR is available for $30 in the Meta Quest Store, but non-Meta users can pick it up on the Rift or Steam VR platforms.

This launch isn’t MLB’s first foray into VR: The organization was the first to “real football” regular season game in September. The event allowed viewers to “step into” the stadium and watch avatars simulate a real-time game between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Los Angeles Angels.

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