Military Jeeps Can Drive Underwater

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Military Jeeps Can Drive Underwater

Military Jeeps Can Drive Underwater

Although it is a very good time a sacrifice and uncertainty, WWII was also a time of new things new. Many of the things we take for granted today were developed as part of the war as we faced tougher, more determined enemies. With submarines carrying out major operations in the Pacific, Italy, and France, the US Army developed a system that allowed jeeps to get out of the boat and underwater when they were close to shore, making them more successful. variable threat. The way this was done was not unreasonable.

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According to a War Department video, this method allowed jeeps to travel through water for 3.5 to 6 minutes. seems like a lot but at that time it was a change. Remember that we stand on the shoulders of those who have come before and it is clear that this talent has change over time.

The video we have included below shows the soldiers running the water control. There are several steps, so this is not done with change of change. We’re not sure car owners can even try something like this because most people these days just can’t seem to turn a wrench.

To the horror of many, the main component of the waterproofing system is asbestos. You see solid in the video work double as clay work with bare hands. Is it any wonder that so many WWII vets died of cancer?

Another interesting feature in the jeep waterproofing kit is the flexible hose that doesn’t look too different from the one you can add rainwater to. This was the forerunner of the modern snorkel, a device that not only had to prevent your electric motor from taking in water but also opened up air above the surface. dust line if you drive on dirt roads often.

Sealing the various components under the hood of a jeep was something that a handyman could not rush or do carelessly. Inadequate protection with an asbestos panel can cause engine failure, making the jeep a duck in water. After all, one of the reasons jeeps were such a nuisance to the Japanese, Germans, and Italians was their fast, agile nature. The driver and passengers are vulnerable to small arms, so they shouldn’t be hit hard.

It’s amazing to think how this water conservation method has evolved over time. It’s amazing to think how far we’ve come since then with innovations that allow off-road equipment to drive in deep water without any last-minute modifications.

See the process for yourself.

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