Microsoft is finally bringing keyboard and mouse support to Xbox Cloud Gaming titles

It has taken longer than expected but finally bringing keyboard and mouse (KBM) support to others responsibilities. that the company planned to do so in March 2022 and it was said that the method could be available by June, but apparently it did not happen. Now is where Microsoft starts on Alpha Skip-Ahead ring see KBM services for browsers (Edge and Chrome) and Xbox PC software. This section should be available soon.

To try KBM support, you must be a Game Pass Ultimate subscriber (unless you want to view which is completely ). You must also register in . If you are testing KBM support on a web browser, there is one more step – you need to enable the Preview feature on your web browser. To do this, click on your profile picture Settings and then turn on “Preview features.”

Some supported games may display control elements on the screen first. You may be asked to press A to start the game or something like that. However, the game should change the KBM user interface as soon as you move the cursor or press a button. On browsers, KBM only works when you play in full screen mode and you click on the game to detect your mouse input. You can stop using KBM by pressing F9 or press the ESC key to exit full screen mode.

The first Xbox Cloud Gaming titles to get KBM support are Fortnite (not open automatically), Ark Survival Evolved, Sea of ​​Thieves, Fixed, Infinite Halo, Atomic Heart, Sniper Elite 5, Deep Rock Galactic, High on Life, Zombie Army 4 Dead War, Gears Tactics, Pentiment, Doom 64 and Age of Empires 2. There is a known story Atomic Life per minute. Microsoft says that there are problems switching between the controller and the KMB while playing the game.

This is a welcome change, especially for those who want to play first-person shooters and install KBM but don’t have a PC with enough oomph to run the latest games. It’s a great step forward for them to be available again. Xbox’s cloud gaming technology is strong, but I hope it can keep up Fortnite players who can create advanced weapons in nanoseconds.

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