Microsoft Copilot AI will soon run locally on PCs


Microsoft is Copilot AI function is set to run locally on PCs, Intel said Tom’s Hardware. The company also said that the next generation of AI-powered PCs will require neural processing units (NPUs) with 40 TOPS (billion operations per second) – beyond the power of any consumer processor on the market.

Intel said AI PCs will be able to run “many Copilot features” locally. Currently, Copilot runs almost everything in the cloud, even small requests. This results in less time which is good for large jobs, but not good for small jobs. Adding native computing capabilities can reduce latency, while also improving performance and privacy.

Microsoft has been there before rumours requiring 40 TOPS on next-gen AI PCs (along with a minimum of 16GB of RAM). Right now, Windows doesn’t make much use of NPUs, except for running videos like the Surface Studio camera blur. ChromeOS and macOS both use NPU power for many video and audio processing tasks, however, along with OCR, translation, live rendering and more, Ars Technica he realized.

Currently, the processor with the fastest NPU speed is the Apple M3, which offers 18 TOPS across the line (M3, M3 Pro and M3 Ultra). AMD’s Ryzen 8040 and 7040 laptop chips are next with 16 and 10 TOPS respectively, while Intel’s Meteor Lake laptop also hits 10 TOPS. Qualcomm can offer the first processor with sufficient power Copilot through the Snapdragon X Elitewhich will provide 45 TOPS of AI compute speed.

Intel’s Lunar Lake chips, which are expected to arrive in 2025, will ship with three times its NPU frequency. Yesterday, the company launched 300 new AI-powered features on its OpenVino platform. The chip giant too he announced AI PC development kit from ASUS NUC Pro that uses its latest Meteor Lake silicon.

“In terms of the desktop version, we have plans on the desktop side, that’s what we can say [is an] AI PC. And then there is the next-gen AI PC, which requires 40 TOPS; we have our different steps in our process where we live in different sectors,” the company said Tom’s Hardware.

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