Mexico opposes the ‘New Deal’ party for the poor | Appearance


Mexico City – Flyers promoting Claudia Sheinbaum’s presidential campaign rally listed a start time of 4:00 p.m., but by 2:00 p.m., the main square here in the capital – popularly known as the Zocalo – was already packed with thousands of people running. Just a little elbow room and spread out into the neighborhood streets.

The closer to the Zocalo, the more people, and it was more difficult to move, until finally, before reaching the square, the movement of people slowed down, then stopped. As the bodies pressed together as they tried to push each other without fail, the people began to tremble and fear began to appear on some faces. Then there was a loud voice calling for calm.

“We are all Morenistas here! Let’s take care of each other!” he shouted the words, using a term used to refer to supporters of the left-wing party, Morena, founded by outgoing Mexican president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

The crowd immediately began to settle, the bottle was finished and the Morenistas continued their journey, most of them finding the best places in the Zocalo that enjoy Sheinbaum, the governor of Mexico City, and the protection of Lopez Obrador. Mexico City officials say 350,000 people – nearly all of Cleveland, Ohio – attended the March 1 rally.

A decade after its founding, Morena – an acronym for the National Regeneration Movement and a biblical term for the Virgin Mary of Mexico who is often referred to as La Morena, meaning “the purple one” – is in the majority. Issues, reunification of the Spanish-speaking world, reforming the government, and reforming the relationship between the rulers and their government.

The main political figure is 70-year-old Lopez Obrador, who has gained a cult-like following since 2018, when voters chose him by nearly two points to one over his closest rival. Elected on a campaign promise to “put the poor first”, Morena and Lopez Obrador – known as AMLO – have made Keynesian reforms to increase the purchasing power of consumers, reminiscent of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal.


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