Meet the MIT Technology Review AI team in London

Impact of the AI ​​Act on Policy and Regulations
The AI ​​law is here, and US and UK companies will have to comply if they want to do business in the EU. I will sit down with Dragoș Tudorache, one of the most important politicians in the law, to walk you through what companies need to think about right now.

Enter the AI ​​Opportunity
European startups have been playing second fiddle to the US. But with the rise of open source AI unicorn Mistral and others, hopes are rising that European startups can become competitive in the global AI market. Paul Murphy, who is a partner at investment firm Lightspeed, one of the first funds to sell in Mistral, tells us all about his predictions.

Business Solving Big Problems with AI
Colin Murdoch, head of business at Google DeepMind, will show us why AI is more than artificial AI and how it can help tackle the biggest challenges facing humanity, from gene editing to sustainable energy and computing.

And best of all: conference drinks! A meeting in London wouldn’t be fun without some good old fashioned networking in the pubs afterwards. So join us April 16-17 in London, and get the inside scoop on how AI is changing the world. Get your tickets here.

Before you go… We have the right to give you a free quote for the event. Join me Company opinion MIT Technology Review editors Niall Firth and David Rotman for a free half-hour LinkedIn Live session today, March 26. We’ll discuss how AI is changing the way we work. Bring your questions and tune in here at 4pm GMT/12pm EDT/9am EDT.

Deep Learning

Tech companies can’t agree on what open AI means. That is a problem.

Suddenly, “open source” is the new buzzword in AI circles. Meta has promised to make artificial intelligence open source. And Elon Musk is suing OpenAI for lack of open source AI models. Meanwhile, more and more technology leaders and companies are positioning themselves as open source experts. But there is a big problem—no one can agree on the definition of “open-source AI”.

Definitions require: Open-source AI promises a future where everyone can participate in the development of technology. This can accelerate innovation, promote transparency, and give users control over systems that will soon change many aspects of our lives. But what exactly is it? What makes an AI model open source, and what holds it back? The answers could have far-reaching implications for the future of technology. Read more from Edd Gent.

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