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SOMERSET, NJ, March 27, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via IBN — Authentic Holdings, Inc., (OTC PINK: AHRO) Maybacks Global Entertainment network iDreamCTV has signed twenty-three deals. iDreamCTV will provide content to these stations and will later have revenue sharing agreements with stations in NYC, Schenectady, Troy, Gloversville, Nashville, Fresno, Syracuse, Portland, Dayton, Dallas, Houston as well as San Diego, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Detroit, and Miami to name a few.

Chris Giordano, President and Chairman of Authentic Holdings, Inc., said, “The Maybacks Group has been nothing short of impressive in establishing the foundation for what we believe will be one of the largest independent “free TV” networks in the country. With the latest technology background, beautiful user interface and 56 channels, we can establish a free TV market.”

The heartbeat of any network is its content that drives audiences to watch and then generates revenue through advertising. There are many independent radio stations in big and small cities that have no content and as of now no advertising money. They look to other networks for their products and programs, which they distribute in their markets that allow them to establish revenue sharing agreements with content providers.

The problem these stations often face is that many of the major corporate networks do not openly share their content with other station owners; they may keep it for better storage and/or availability, which often costs consumers higher subscription fees. It also narrows the “playing field” for advertisers; advertising rates are almost impossible for an independent business owner to be on TV. Some call it “low-hanging fruit,” we call it good luck for all. Our list of 30+ channel runners creates a great environment that allows small businesses to also achieve their goal of reaching more people.

Priscella Cooper-Holyfield, EVP of Maybacks, said, “Our fast channels usually don’t cost the consumer anything, but the channels show the ad to make money. The type of channel view, to the consumer’s interests. It’s like an ad server saying, ‘Hey, since you watch our fitness channel, maybe you like sneakers, so here’s an ad for new shoes!’ Making viewers’ TV time more enjoyable and personalized, like choosing their favorite ice cream!”

Chris Giordano also said; “We have an extensive portfolio that includes over 30,000 videos and non-series TV shows. We will be proactive in sharing our content with broadcasters with the goal of creating a coast-to-coast interactive program that gives us a true picture of the world. Advertisers and revenue generation. The more we know about the locations and markets ‘the more our advertising costs will increase, the more impact our P & L will have for years to come.

Maybacks also serves as an advertising and marketing channel for our other organizations. An example would be to support our Vinyl company, or the Authentic Heroes company and the products that both of these organizations offer for advertising on our soon to be global network. Most importantly, these ads don’t cost our company a single red cent because we own them all.

Finally, while we are establishing our domestic channel, we are also working hard to secure an international partnership with two major trade associations. The deal will give Maybacks a global presence that covers almost every part of the world that matters. Partnering with the biggest household names in electronics will be a growth driver for years to come.

iDreamCTV is the fastest growing network. Moving forward, it is our goal to be one of the world’s largest independent media companies, with a global reputation and industry leading presence. “

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