Marvel’s Phantom Menace Comic Gives Anakin a Wild New Look


I have seen Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace more often than I used to to accept, and I hope Anakin doesn’tdon’t run with the yellow light in there. And yet, in a new Marvel comic, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace 25th Anniversary Special #1 out on May 1, that’s what’s going to happen.

Written by Greg Pak, with art by Will Sliney and cover art by Phil Noto, the comic will retell the story of Phantom Menace completely from Anakin’s point of view. So, remember when he tells Qui-Gon and friends that he had a dream that he was a Jedi? Now, let’s see…

Picture: Marvel/Lucasfilm

It must have been a lot of fun for Pak and Sliney to create Anakin’s new look for the dream, and, we can imagine, to have a few Q&A sessions with the Lucasfilm Story Team to eliminate the use of the yellow lightsaber. Then again, it’s a dream, right? So nothing really matters. It’s only acceptable in Anakin’s mind. (In fact, perhaps yellow was a symbol of Power another Skywalker (who would turn the yellow screen on Tatooine, oh, about 60 years in the future.)

“I am eight years old A New Hope I came out, so for my growing years, Star Wars it was similar to the original trilogy,” said Pak “But I got really deep into the basics when I came in as Marvel’s writer Darth Vader jokes, watching and rewatching it all. And I found myself wondering at the long game George Lucas was playing in describing Darth Vader’s accident. It has been a pleasure to contribute to that legacy by revisiting it Phantom Menace and new images of young Anakin.”

Here is the cover story, written by Phil Noto.

Image of Marvel's Phantom Menace Comic Gives Anakin a New Look of the Universe

Picture: Marvel/Lucasfilm

To see more of Anakin’s other ideas, Go to And then, of course, you’ll see them all when the comic comes out on May 1.

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