Malaysia mini-mart outlet attacked after ‘Allah socks’ outcry By Reuters


KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) – A Molotov cocktail was thrown at a Malaysian supermarket on Saturday, police said, as senior executives of the chain were accused of injuring religious sentiments by selling socks with the word “Allah” printed on them.

Pictures of the socks being sold at KK Supermart have sparked outrage on social media among Muslims who view the association of Allah – the Arabic word for God – with feet as disgusting.

Religion is a sensitive issue in Malaysia, where the Muslim majority accounts for two-thirds of the 34 million people, with large Chinese and Indian ethnic groups.

KK Supermart founder and chairman Chai Kee Kan and his wife Loh Siew Mui, the company’s chief executive, were charged on Tuesday with causing harm to religion, along with three representatives of the company’s donors, state-run Bernama reported. They all refused.

On Saturday, the KK Supermart in Kuantan district in the eastern province of Pahang was hit by a Molotov cocktail shortly before dawn, Kuantan police chief Wan Mohamad Zahari Wan Busu told Reuters by phone.

It was the second such attack, after a petrol bomb was thrown at a KK Supermart in Perak state on Tuesday, Bernama reported.

Police have yet to identify a suspect in Saturday’s attack but were canvassing the area and checking television footage for evidence, said Wan Mohamad Zahari.

He said the police believe the attack is related to the sale of socks, “but we are still investigating”.

The attack caused some items in the store to catch fire, but the fire was quickly extinguished by store staff, according to media reports.

KK Supermart, the second largest supermarket chain in the country, apologized for the socks saying that it is taking the issue seriously and has taken immediate action to stop selling them.

It also sued the sock retailer, alleging damages and damage to its reputation.

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