Macron jokes about romantic ‘wedding’ photos with Lula

French President Emmanuel Macron joined social media users on Thursday in a joke that compared his cute photos with Brazilian President Lula to those from a wedding album.

Photographs of the pair smiling and embracing warmly during Macron’s three-day visit to Brazil went viral online this week alongside captions showing the two leaders’ warm relationship.

“Some have compared the pictures of my trip to Brazil to those of a wedding,” Macron wrote on Thursday on X.

“I tell them it was one. France loves Brazil and Brazil loves France,” he said.

Macron’s tweet was accompanied by a photo of himself and Lula smiling during the visit, draped in the backdrop of a poster from the 2016 romantic film “La La Land.”

Lula responded to Macron’s tweet, which was also shared in Portuguese, with emojis of the Brazilian and French flags along with two love hearts.

One photo shared on social media this week showed the leaders raising their hands under a giant tree in a Brazilian forest was edited to show them holding red heart-shaped balloons.

“They’re going to get married in the Amazon and have a vacation in Paris,” joked one user on X, while others said the travel photos could make a wedding album.

Macron’s trip to Brazil saw the two leaders announce plans to invest billions in green money in the Amazon.

Lula praised the relationship between the two countries for having created “a bridge between the entire South South and developed countries.”

Macron’s good relationship with Lula marks a departure from the frosty relationship between the French leader and former Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro, who led the country from 2019 to 2022.


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