Lego’s Film Boss Teases More Movies are Coming…Eventually


Picture: Warner Bros./Lego

Earlier this year, The Lego Movie celebrated its 10th anniversary. Although the franchise was all in the 2010s with spinoffs for the film Batman (as told by Will Arnett) and his reality Ninjago toyline, it has not been seen since The Lego Movie 2 back in 2019. Some of that may be owed to Warner Bros.’ The deal with Lego ended in 2020, but it looks like the Danish company is planning to get back into the movie business soon.

Recently Miscellaneous In an interview, Lego’s global head Jill Wilfert revealed that the company is developing different “concepts and ideas” with Universal. The two companies have a five-year contract from 2020, but you have nothing to show beyond Lego to say the original. Jurassic Park return in 2022. Last year, rumors began to spread about Universal making a live-action/animation hybrid Lego flick, but Wilfert was sneaky. His answer to the question about the group and Netflix can be read as a general, vague statement about what Lego has done: “At the moment, we are very happy, we are focusing on what we are doing with Universal.”

What he he said The point, however, was that Lego may have shot itself in the foot with the WB movies. The four films, he explained, struggled to get out of the short five-year window –Lego Batman and Ninjago all released in 2017, for example. They weren’t stupid, and Wilfert pointed out how their reviews were “better than the box office would indicate.” However, he did not hesitate to admit that it is “difficult” to make movies, which is why his appearance was far from the silver screen.

TV has been a part of the overall Lego partnership for years, but it became more popular after the movies were made. His Lego Masters The reality competition series has been popular around the world since 2017 (thanks to its Fox brand in the US and international diversification), and there have been many commercials and videos such as. Lego Monkie Kid and Lego Dreamzzz: Trials of the Dream Chasers for a younger audience. Although nothing will come of his Universal deal, it seems that the Danish company will be fine in the end.

Variety’s full interview with Wilfert can be read here Here.

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