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Kristen Stewart and his friend, Dylan Meyer, they are not quick to say, “I do,” but they are prepared for their future. The False Love Bloodshed The actress, 33, revealed in a new interview on the podcast “Not Skinny But Not Fat” that she and Dylan froze their eggs.

“We’ve done some really annoying things like freezing eggs and stuff. So, if we want to, we can,” said Kristen. Then he added that since they are all “common people,” they did “the most difficult ceremony we had, ‘Marry me!’ Marry me!’”

“Then we didn’t arranged a wedding because we were like, ‘We did it.’ But we will do it,” he says Evening franchise star continued. “I think we have a loose system, which is perfect for us.”

Kristen also said that their busy schedules need to align before they do wedding ceremony.

He said: “I’m working on a film soon, so I have to do it before we get married.” “Because we have to send the summoners and give people time to prepare for this.”

Although he has not confirmed the film he is directing, many outlets have reported that he will be directing it History of Water, based on the 2001 book of the same title. Earlier this year, the movie star announced that he will not do another project until he gets behind the camera to direct.

“I will make this film before I work for someone else,” he said Miscellaneous in January. “Yes, I will leave the royal business. I will not make a famous film until I make this film. I will tell you that, of course. I think things are going well.”

Kristen and Dylan have been together since 2019, but they already knew each other. In November 2021, Kristen he announced that she and Dylan were dating, to say the least Howard Stern at the time Dylan asked the question.

As fans await the couple’s wedding, Kristen explained over the years that she and the photographer have been enjoying their relationship and were in no rush to exchange vows. In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporterand Spencer The actress admitted that she could start a family with Dylan.

“Well, I’m like a man, you know?” “I think someday I will have a family,” said Kristen. “You’re born into one and then you get it, you make it, and, you know, I do all that.”

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