King Charles III Feeling ‘Depressed’ Amid Cancer Recovery, Nephew Says


King Charles III is “Proud” of Kate Middleton’s “Courage” Amidst Her Cancer Diagnosis

A member of the royal family has given rare information King Charles III‘s cancer disease.

Peter Phillipsthe son of the King’s sister Queen Anne and great grandson of the deceased Queen Elizabeth IIspoke about his uncle’s feelings while on the road to recovery in an on-camera interview released on March 24, a month after the king began treatment.

“He is in good spirits,” said Peter Sky News Australia. “I think, at the end of the day, he’s very disappointed. He’s disappointed that he can’t step up and do whatever he wants to do. But he’s very passionate. He understands that there’s a time when he has to focus on himself.”

The 46-year-old, who is visiting Australia as a supporter of the charity ISPS Handa – which supports disabled athletes – continued, “But, at the same time, he always pushes his staff and everyone and the doctors and nurses, to be able to say, ‘Sure, I can do this, can I do this?’ I think the bigger message would be that he’s obviously desperate to get back to his old habits and maybe he’s frustrated that recovery is taking longer than he’d like.”


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