Kai-Fu Lee: OpenAI could become world’s first trillion-dollar startup

Could OpenAI soon be worth a trillion dollars? At first, the idea sounds absurd.

Sam Altman’s company, which was founded eight years ago as a competitor to Google’s DeepMind, may still be a loser, and venture capitalists and venture capitalists are said to have valued it last month at more than $80 billion in the latest fundraising.

However, the one trillion dollar mark is what the former president of Google China Kai-Fu Lee – the owner of AI funds – is predicting.

Talking with About Fortune editor-in-chief Alyson Shontell, chairman of Sinovation Ventures Kai-Fu Lee believes that OpenAI will reach an unknown place that has been reserved for only half a century. megacap stocks with certain business models.

“I am confident about their future. They have done a great and amazing job,” the businessman told those present at the event. Fortune Innovation Forum in Hong Kong on Wednesday.

“OpenAI is going to be a trillion dollar company in the near future.”

It was there no current expectations that the company is managed by a non-profit board will become public, it may be the first to take private action.

Pressed for a specific time frame, Lee estimated it would take only two to three years to reach such a tally.

“I think that’s the result, so he can kill,” he said, adding that a challenger could also steal the leadership from Altman’s team.

OpenAI is the ‘gold standard’ in this future technology

Undoubtedly neither Satya Nadella’s Microsoft-partner of OpenAI-or Jensen Huang’s AI training company Nvidia would be worth $3 trillion and $2 trillion market value if it were not for the success of Altman’s brilliant team of researchers.

Lee acknowledged some major languages ​​as the most recent Anthropic Claude 3 adaptation was highly recommended (Amazon only. raised his money in the company and $ 2.75 billion on Wednesday).

But he believed that OpenAI’s perfect balance between performance and price meant that its GPT-4 remained a better product a full year after its launch in March last year.

“Even today, GPT-4 is still the gold standard,” the former president of Google China said.

This is why if he had a choice, Lee would prefer to invest in OpenAI despite criticism of his decision to stop publishing his research, which his company 01.AI still does on sites like Hugging Face.

The capitalist, AI researcher and founder believes that a tenfold increase in value would not be unusual for a company like OpenAI, because he believes that artificial intelligence will be bigger than computers, the Internet and electricity.

“This is the most advanced and most amazing skill, compared to everything, it’s a number ten,” said Lee.

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