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Joey King and Logan Lerman Split screen again in Hulu’s We were blessed. Based on Georgia Hunter’s book of the same name, the Bullet train The actors play “amazing” as the two brothers and sisters, Addy and Halina, in Georgia said. Hollywood life for a special video interview.

“It’s just amazing. All of our players are amazing, and I’m proud that all of our players are Jewish,” Georgia said. “And I think because of that, they connected with the people they have. Halina and Addy, each have their own stories related to the Holocaust and the history of their families, and I was very happy that they brought that connection to their roles. … I can’t speak highly enough of Joey and our entire team. “

Service We were blessed was inspired by the true story of a Georgian family from the 1930s.

The characters Joey and Logan, Halina and Addy, respectively, are members of the Kurc family: a Polish Jewish family that was once protected by their successful lifestyle from the antisemitism that spread throughout Europe during World War II. During Hitler’s tyranny, some of the Kurcs went into hiding while others were thrown into concentration camps. After the family is separated by war, only a few are able to escape, and they try to find every living relative.

Director Thomas Kyle she also emphasized the wit and intelligence that Joey, 24, and Logan, 32, brought to her event with Hollywood Life.

“Joey really responded to the news very quickly and was the first person to say he wanted to join,” said Thomas. “And he and Logan have known each other since doing this for a long time. And they worked together briefly. There was a great understanding that they had about each other that felt like a legitimate relationship.”

Thomas added that Kissing Booth an actor and Percy Jackson & the Olympians “Deep professionalism and excellence in their work” can be heard every time they enter a room or a group.

“They are very talented,” he added. “He also experienced many things. They are interested in being leaders. …When you see them, we wanted you to say, ‘Yes, these are brothers and sisters.'”

The first three parts a We were lucky Others premieres on Hulu on Thursday, March 28.


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