Joey & Kelsey’s Bachelor Reveals Important Wedding Details

The future Mr. and Mrs. Graziadei will soon say “Grazie” in southern Italy.

Bachelor Nation’s newlyweds, Joey Graziadei and Kelsey AndersonThey may not know everything about their wedding, but they are sure of one thing – the place to get married.

“We all want to go to Italy,” Joey said in an interview with E! The story, detailing how he and his friend found out that their views on the matter were aligned.

They played a game of newlyweds as part of their recent press tour, “They thought of me in Hawaii,” she said. “And I think I thought the same thing because I thought they were going to put me in Hawaii. But we both wanted to go to Italy. So, now we know.”

“The Amalfi Coast, hopefully,” Joey said. “Now it’s at the top of our list.”

Of all the wedding details, Joey shared that “there’s a lot to know.”

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