Jodie Sweetin’s Identical Daughter Zoie Practices Driving With Mom


Have mercy—Jodie Sweetin she is living like a driver’s mother.

The Full house alum42, shared a selfie with him riding in a car with him equivalent to a daughter Zoe Herpinwho is about 16 years old, is sitting behind the wheel.

“I’m not worried at all and I’m riding with Zo practicing ‘close driving’ with her new Drivers Permit,” Jodie quoted her on March 30. Instagram post. “Really…he was VERY good.”

Then the player made a Full house explains, joking, “As long as they don’t park the car in the kitchen… we’re good.”

In a 1990 episode of the sitcom, Jodie’s character Stephanie, then 7 years old, gets into the 1963 AMC Rambler of her family friend and roommate Joey (Dave Coulier) when he is not in charge. He wants to turn on the radio but accidentally starts the engine instead and crashes the luxury car into the kitchen of their house.


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