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Jenni “JWoww” Farley found out what his daughter Mail me reflects on her past looks in a fun new TikTok video, which was posted on Tuesday, March 26. Meilani, 9, made her hilarious comment while JWoww, 38, showed off her best looks from her. Jersey Shore days, including photos of the show and shooting paparazzi. The reality star’s daughter has revealed her unfiltered thoughts on past appearances.

When they showed different looks, Meilani gave different ratings out of 10. The first showed Jennifer and her friend. Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi at a red carpet event. JWoww wore a purple dress as they appeared together. Unfortunately, his daughter was not very impressed. He gave it a “five out of ten” and compared it to the behavior of beloved TV children. “It’s giving him Barney the Dinosaur,” he said. JWoww replied, “Oh my God!


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The next photo showed JWoww and Snooki during one of their seasons in Italy. The two were in Daisy Dukes and big hats. Meilani really liked this one, and gave it a “six out of ten,” but she wasn’t impressed with her mother’s use of the map. He said: “It’s not as bad as the others.” “I like the t-shirt. I like the bottoms. What about the shoes? I like the shoes too. The hat—it’s a giveaway, but the map doesn’t give a damn.”

Although Meilani was not interested in the map, her mother explained that it was important. “I had to think about where I was going. Back then there were no cell phones. Ancient Rome,” said Jennifer. Her daughter snuck up to her mother, joking that it was “Dinosaur time.”


The last photo shows JWoww with a purple horse, and it reminded her of Barney, and she came up with a familiar name. “If Barney the Dinosaur had a girlfriend! You’re Barnita,” she said. The last photo showed Jennifer in a white dress with a corset around her waist, and while Meilani loved the outfit, she wasn’t a fan of the accessories.

This isn’t the first time Jenni has had her daughter criticize her past looks. The reality star uploaded something interesting movie in early March following the same decision.


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