Japan SLIM Moon Lander Reawakens Second Time Won’t Die

Japanese lander SLIM is still living his unfortunate life, surviving the second lunar night while lying face down on the Moon.

On Wednesday, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) he shared The story of how his moon setter suddenly came back to life again. JAXA received a signal from its SLIM mission, indicating that the spacecraft had turned around after sleeping to avoid the nighttime cold on the Moon. SLIM isn’t good, but this little guy won’t quit.

“According to the findings, some temperature sensors and unused battery cells have started to deteriorate, but most of the functions that survived the first night of the month were preserved even on the second night of the month!” JAXA posted on X.

SLIM, short for Smart Lander for Investigating Moon, landed on the Moon on January 19, making Japan the fifth country to successfully land a spacecraft on the dusty surface of the moon. About three hours after landing, however, JAXA was forced to shut down the flight system The SLIM solar cells were not producing enough electricity.

One of the two main components of SLIM may have failed during the last phase, which caused it to fail lander to end up face down on the Moon its radii pointing up and its solar orbits facing west, away from the Sun. JAXA decided to shut down the spacecraft about three hours after landing to conserve its remaining power, which was at 12% at the time.

A week after the hit, JAXA also established communication with the SLIM lander and resumed work. By January 31, SLIM was forced into hibernation as the Sun passed near the Moon, rendering the solar panels unable to generate electricity.

Moonlight is not designed to keep up with the nighttime temperatures on the Moon, which are about 14 Earth days. SLIM defied all odds, however, by refreshing itself as night turned into day on the Moon on February 25.

As day turned to night on the Moon, SLIM was again forced into hiding. At that point, all the odds were against the bottom rider. Amazingly, the SLIM lander revived itself again, shaking off the Moon’s snow and sending a confirmation signal to JAXA.

It is not clear what JAXA intends to do with its current singer. The project achieved its original objective and making a successful landing on the surface of the Moon. The success tested a high level of technical skill, allowing the spacecraft to land at the 328-foot (100-meter) target. Everything after that has been the icing on the cake that just refuses to die.

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